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TOBP – Transcultural Open Badges Platform for Migrant’s Transition Mentoring in ELFC

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TOBP project connects strategic partners in setting up new standards for skill recognition for migrants in the field of Transcultural Early Life Family Care (TELFC). TOBP’s aims are to co-create an open badge platform a) to enable the validation of foreign and informal qualifications and b) to provide education and training in the context of the newly developed job profile “transition mentor”. It thereby addresses the skill gaps and shortages of qualified professionals in TELFC.
1) To establish a transcultural competence + job profile for Transition Mentors (TM), mainly on the basis of best practice examples from new and established migration countries
2) To enable flexible learning pathways with work-, problem-, game- and experience based, digitalized learning materials.
3) To create an Open Badge (digital awards) environment by establishing an informal recognition space validating the variety of prior, informal, non-formal and formal learning outcomes
4) To launch an online European Networking Platform on Transition Mentoring by professionalizing the TELFC sector.

Please have a look at the project’s Website here 


CUAS Carinthia University of Applied Sciences), Austria

Partners / stakeholders (role and organisation)

The Transcultural Open-Badge Platform Project (TOBP) is a Transnational project taking place in Austria, Finland, Germany, Kosovo and Switzerland. It gathers a team of very complementary strategic partner organisations, ranging from Universities (HEI), research and social networking organisation  to youth organisation, and IT development companies), as well as their own partners.

JAMK (Jyvaskyla University of Applied Science), Finland

Cacctus (Software Development Department), Kosovo

Supsi (Switzerland)

Deutsche Jugend Institut (German youth Institute)

Phoenix Jugendbetreuung, Austria

Heimerer Kollegji, Kosovo

Ensis (European Network for Social Innovation and Solidarity) Germany

Calendar:  Final meeting presenting the results in Brussels 15. July 2021  has been realised successfully