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Membership fees are necessary to ensure our activities such as bookkeeping, communication with authorities and with members, reports, website maintenance.

What are the advantages of becoming a member ?
  • Our members have an access with login and password to our internal information system.
  • They find an interesting space for dialogue with our other members via our dedicated ENSIS Member Collaboration meetings online or face to face to discuss news ideas and post any information they would like to share with the network. In this group they can also share their interest if they search for partners for future EU-projects, solidarity projects, and post the latest social innovation news and best practices.
  • Our members can also post blog entries on our website to share any relevant information.
How can I become a member ?

You are a member with one step: Please just fill in the membership form online (please click on the “pop out” button in the above right corner of this online document, use the “open” button with google doc. fill in all and use the “email attach” to send it back / or print and sign it) send it back  via email and you will receive a confirmation.

Download (DOCX, 315KB)

Alternative : you can also download an open office membership form

Our membership fees are annual : they start each year at the beginning of January and last until the end of December. To stop your membership, send us a simple resignation letter at least 2 months before the end of the year. For more details please contact us.

Let’s engage together for a better Europe !