Expertise and services

Expertise and services

Providing top-down and bottom-up information:

ENSIS supports its members in disseminating their activities and provides them with useful information on relevant European debates, European social policy, funding opportunities for EU projects and assistance in project development. ENSIS will soon set up relevant training and capacity building programmes and offers a growing, reliable network of potential European partners. ENSIS also represents their interests to European decision makers.

A focus on publicising common interests:

For its member organisations, their volunteers, employees and partners, ENSIS focuses on highlighting and disseminating as widely as possible their good practices (based on shared values, demands and expectations for a social Europe) and the results of the research they carry out with their European partners, and promotes mutual enrichment. Where appropriate, ENSIS also disseminates information about the activities of its members. Various means of communication are used, such as publications, e-mailing, a website and a newsletter.

Networking and exchange of experience:

ENSIS actively participates in organised civil society forums (EESC, CoR) and maintains regular contacts with other European social networks and alliances. On request, ENSIS organises online conferences or seminars for its members to promote the exchange of experience within the network