ENSIS biographies

Kusche, ChristophChristoph Kusche, President of ENSIS, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at University Lüneburg/Germany a.d / Dean at the Social Work dual study Course Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungsakademie Lüneburg / Germany  , Head of the research Unit, Social Work in Europe, publisher www.sozialarbeit.de, President of the Center for East-West-Cooperation Lüneburg /Germany.

Christoph has over 20 years of expertise in European lobbying: he actively participated in fora of the organised civil society such as the European Social Platform (the dialogue platform between the EU-Commission and the European Civil Society) and for years a member of the Spring Alliance. He has regular contact as well as ad-hoc meetings with EU networks. He has taken part in consultation committees set up by the EU Commission (EY2010, Round table on social inclusion, 2011 European Year of Volunteering) and the European Parliament. He enjoyed the participatory status representing an international NGO within the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

In this work he used various means of communication such as publication, web-based collaborative platform, e-mailing and newsletter. He built a sustainable approach to experience sharing throughout the network and complementing its actions by various EU granted projects that all aim at implementing practical solutions towards a more Social Europe.

Christoph Kusche (ENSIS) is an expert in the field of presentation of research findings for the European Civil Society. Dissemination takes place via the Platform of European Social NGOs (representing 46 pan European networks), our own network of grass-root initiatives across Europe (with capacity building seminars and conferences) and communication with European wide Social Alliances.