What is ENSIS ?

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The European Network for Social Innovation and Solidarity (ENSIS) is a non-profit organisation (registered under German law as an AISBL, with an address in Brussels) created by grass-root initiatives of the social sector. It was officially registered in 2013 in Lüneburg although


ENSIS objective is to stimulate development of a coherent social policy in Europe, based on social innovation and solidarity, by empowering social organizations.


ENSIS brings together local, regional, national and Europe-wide organisations within the social sector (whether professionally-staffed or based on volunteers) as well as not for profit initiatives, committed to a collective solidarity and wishing to develop a social Europe through programmes of social innovation. Individuals can support ENSIS’ ideas by becoming associate members. Today it covers 7 EU countries (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy and United Kingdom) and comprises members of various sizes and types.


A visibility of political ideas: Social sector organisations within ENSIS wish to give visibility on the European stage to their policy proposals – which are directed towards a social Europe firmly based on solidarity.

Exchange of good practice: ENSIS members wish to share their experience through specific examples of good practice -and to promote innovative actions based on solidarity, through common projects. Notably this includes coordinating the implementation of EU-funded projects on behalf of member organisations.

Solidarity activities: ENSIS wishes to bring about a social Europe based on solidarity – through projects in common with other networks, through civil society initiatives, together with trade unions and supporters of our network.


We are close connected with

European Social Services Union
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