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Christoph Kusche, President of ENSIS, has years of experience in EU level advocacy and managing EU projects. With active participation in fora of the organised civil society, Christoph has been engaged in various European level projects…read more.

Community of Sustainable innovation (CoSI)

(Europe for Citizens programme)

ENSIS is partnering in a European project “Community of Sustainable Innovation” (CoSI)”, funded by the European Commission. Lead by a Danish NGO, Global Citizen, the project aims to address sustainability issues through citizen to citizen cooperation. In doing so, the project aims to bring together over 500 participants from all over Europe through online collaboration and face-to-face meetings. During these interactions, individuals will share their expertise in interdisciplinary discussions and work together towards a socially cohesive approach. The CoSI project thus aims at international dialogue and knowledge sharing on the issue of sustainability through encourages civic participation.

In the course of the project, EU citizens will be one hand informed on the EU’s sustainability agenda while working towards new and innovative solutions. To ensure continued action, the project will preserve all the actions in the online platform which will continue to serve as a tool for future cooperation.

Project Partners:
Global Citizen (lead)
ARCI (partner)
Citizens for Europe (partner)

Calendar or events:
December 2015: strategic meeting (Brussels)
November 2015: Kick off conference call

EU-Project: ELLAN – European Later Life Active Network

01.10.2013 → 30.09.2016

The ELLAN is a Lifelong Learning Programme project funded by the European Commission. It is higher education institutions collaborative and networking project. The consortium includes 28 partners from 26 countries in Europe. The ELLAN is coordinated by Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Unit of Health Care (Finland).

The project promotes European cooperation and exchange of innovation and good practice related to the ageing population and to the educational preparation of those that work with older people. The desired outcome of the project is better quality of higher education related to the care of people in later life.

The main aim of the project is to develop an agreed Core European Competences Framework for working with older people.

Christoph Kusche has been one partner in this project in the beginning.


Nestor – EU funded Project:


Employment, Equal Opportunities, Social Security (Nestor)
Overcoming the Economic Crisis with Strong Social Dialogue

The main objective of the “nestor” project is to strengthen and promote social dialogue, in particular in Central and Eastern European countries, and to assist stakeholders from these countries in establishing and expanding their multiplier and expert networks. Based on previous projects (“Auster” VS 102/038 /“ZAUBER” VS/2007/0578 and “INSITO” VS/2009/0470), the focus is on the social dimension of European integration, since these projects clearly demonstrated how important employment and social security are to social cohesion.

The PDF file can be downloaded here:
(1.8 MB)



Innovations of workplace development in welfare services in Europe

01.09.2009 → 31.08.2011

Innowelfare The “INNOWELFARE” IP creates for the participants competencies to run successfully a clients oriented workplace development project in welfare enterprise or public organization in order to bind together strategies of welfare organizations and HRM or “personnel work” of them. Real European cases (enterprises, public organizations and third sector organizations) are used as study cases during the IP. The IP is targeted to students in BA and MA level for related fields of studies (social work/social pedagogy, nursing, health care, business and management). The main activities for students are to implement a case study in welfare enterprise or public organization in their own country, take part in the IP and implement innovative good workplace development project after the IP in the case study welfare service organization they have chosen. The report about the development project has to be delivered to the electronic learning platform. New leadership and management modules, teaching materials and tools are developed into the curriculum of participating HEI’s, publications and reports disseminate the results. Recommendations for the Open Method of Coordination are made to the Social Platform in Brussels. 

EU – Tempus Project: Internships in Social Work Education

15.06.2007 → 04.09.2010
International Project with Russian, Finnish, German, Danish, UK University partners to share best practice models.
Leadership: Christoph Kusche
PublikationenСоциальная работа на пути к европейской науке и профессииPublikation: Transfer › ZeitschriftenaufsätzeСоциальная работа на пути к европейской науке и профессии

Publikation: Forschung › Beiträge in Sammelwerken

Взгляд вузов-партнеров проекта Темпус на проблемы европейского образовательного пространства

Publikation: Forschung › Aufsätze in Konferenzbänden

Концептуализация студенческих практик в рамках Болонских критериев

Publikation: Forschung › Sammelwerke und Anthologien

На пути к единому европейскому образовательному пространству

Publikation: Forschung › Beiträge in Sammelwerken

Projekt: Transfer (FuE-Projekt)

EU-Project: Learning Without Barriers II: Sokrates Programm der EU, GRUNDTVIG 4

(Réseaux Grundtvig), 225781-CP-1-2005-1-FR-GRUNDTVIG–G4

01.05.2003 → 30.09.2008

Projektleiter: Les Amis du Rèseau Européen d’Action Sociale.

Förderer: Europäische Union.

Mitarbeiter: ECLORE-Espace-atelier d’Initiatives Communautaires de Développement, Les Amis du Rèseau Européen d’Action Sociale, Union Professionnelle Francophone Des Assistants Sociaux, University College Cork, Department of Applied Studies, Romanian Institute for European Edication and Quality.

Partner: Institut Paritari “A Volta” Bari, Dacorum Borough Council, Universitatea de Vest, Timisoara, Program de studii post-universitare: Formare de experti in bunas, Federatia Organizatiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Protectia Copilului, APEL-Serviciul de Formare-Integrare Profesionala/Fundatia Parada.

The Network will bring together organisations from the social and educational sector, the training practices of which are aiming at leading their volunteers and staff to get skills to better listen and mentor people with less opportunities, for them to become more pro-active to find a solution to their problems. The project can well be symbolised by the fist, linked to the open book: knowledge is power. And it is the aim of the project to look for ways to empower people – to give them the opportunity to learn what they need for daily practice – to find their own place in society and to find ways and means both to change their own place in society and to change society to better answer their needs. The Network will be a facilitator for comparative studies, exchange of experiences and their valorisation and will promote such practices. A real interaction between volunteers, staff, and technicians, target public of the educational or social sector and lecturers and teachers will be created. It will contribute to the improvement of the quality of the intervention by fostering methodologies which aim at a real change by taking the points of view, the needs and proposals of the most fragile people into account when training schemes are elaborated, by identifying these training or learning schemes which promote mutual trust and co-operative relationship as an added value, a real listening, support to the people in need, mentoring schemes leading to empowerment, whatever the need could be. Knowledge coming from these different practical experiences will be organised, structured so that it can be easily transferable. The Network will be a resource centre promoting dissemination of these knowledge and know-how.


EU-Project:  Silent Voices

30.05.2004 → 04.06.2005

Partner organisations from Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Romania, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, France.

Project description: The aim of the project is to bring together young people from countries around Europe to share their experiences, their viewpoints and their creativity through the use of short films that they have made themselves.

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